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The Basics of BlackBerry Curve

Reliable, productive, and efficient. These are the qualities you can think about BlackBerry. BlackBerry produces smart phones that offers lots of applications for fun, networking, and productivity. It has become popular in the United States because of its qwerty keypad and longer battery life.

BlackBerry phone models also have the what we call 3G and WiFi access. Owners of a BalckBerry smart phone can also download programs from the BlackBerry App World. Now, there are five types of cellphones to choose from: BlackBerry Bold, Pearl, Tour, Storm, and Curve. Of course, each type has it’s own design, processor, features, and capacity. And we are about to review BlackBerry Curve Series. The popular one is the Blackberry Curve 8500 Series.

You can get one for as low as $129.99. It has a 2.5 inches screen and weighs 3.7 ounces. Processor for 8520 is 512 MHz and 528 MHz for the 8530 models. The memory for RAM is 128 MB and 256 MB for ROM. The beauty of this smart phone is that the keys are well-spaced and the keyboard is touch perceptible. The trackpad is responsive and media keys are always on top. Calls over WiFi are allowed but for T-mobile versions only. However, BlackBerry Curve is not as solid like the other models and the screen resolution is low.

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