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Once again

It’s the first week of the month and we are scheduled to renew our car registration once again. My husband says that next time we should choose a car with plate number ending in nine or zero because it’s renewal of registration falls on the month of December. For him it’s not a good sign to spend money at the very beginning of the year. Well, somehow i also feel the same way because we will be spending around $100 for that!

Anyway, another thing is that we need to set aside this year is our budget for the yearly maintenance of our car. Good thing there’s a place here where there are stores selling car parts and supplies at reasonable prices. And i’m glad i also found a repair clinic that sells tecumseh parts. I think it’s a reliable source of parts and repair clinic because they were featured in more than 5,000 magazines, newspapers and TV news programs. And got positive reviews online.   They also offer free online repair help for most repairs.  Check out Repair Clinic if you’re interested to know more about their products and services.

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