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Zero tolerance knives

Zero tolerance knives are the premier and most inventive designs of knives used by people in situations where life is at risk. Companies such as Mick Strider, Kai USA, and Ken Onion produced these kind of tactical and survival knives. These are built to carry on actual situations faced by people who use it every day. Zero tolerance knives have also reached certified rating standards.

Zero tolerance knives are everyday used by rescue teams, policemen, soldiers and military in many kinds of circumstances. Zero tolerance knives have the ultimate objective; and that is zero tolerance in purpose, performance, and design.

These knives are made of high quality materials. The blades are made of steel, frame locks made of titanium, and handles from machined G10. You can choose from a wide range of knives. There are the boot knife, military fold knife, military fixed knife, and so on.

Of course, zero tolerance knives offer partial lifetime warranty. It states that the products are assured for the life span of the owner to be seen without defects after receipt from the plant or factory. Any product found flawed in its original substance, manufacture, or workmanship shall be revamped or swapped with the similar item or another of equal price without any charge.

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