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Wish list

Christmas day is fast approaching and lots of shoppers are rushing to the malls to buy gifts for their loved ones. There are so many promos and discounts these days and how i wish we have the money to buy all of them. Last week we were able to buy Cherry Mobile T8 at discounted price. Another one that i’m really eyeing is the contemporary sofa i saw yesterday. We really need to replace our worn out sofa, some of our friends and relatives are going to visit us this holiday season and i’m so ashamed to let them sit on it. I also like to buy myself a new cellphone, i want to reward myself after all the hard work and nose bleed days i went through in doing my online assignments.

Those i mentioned are just the things i like to buy. My husband and kids have their own shopping wishes as well. I wonder where we could get the money the buy all of them? heheh Anyway, God is good and i know He will bless us.

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