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Missing ipad warranty

I saw a free trip to Boracay contest this morning and a part of me says I should join the contest because it’s a dream come true to me if ever i win and a part of me is holding me back because today is also the last day of submission of entry. The chance of winning is too slim for me now since i have to get a lot of FB likes in order to win one slot. Anyway, maybe it’s not yet time for me to go to Boracay since i will travel alone if ever i win. I will not enjoy it since my family’s not with me.

By the way, i have a problem with my ipad i’m supposed to take it to service center, but the biggest problem is i think i misplaced my ipad warranty! I wonder how much i will be charged for the service and parts if i don’t have the warranty with me. Too bad i don’t have the budget for this unexpected expense.

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