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Top Ten Tourist Destinations in the USA

Top ten tourist destinations in the USA

Times Square, New York

Known for its famous Broadway theatres and fantastic dining experiences, you can choose from walking, biking or water tours, among others, to see this massive landmark city.


Las Vegas Strip, Nevada

Las Vegas attracts over 31 million visitors a year, with attractions such as the sumptuous casinos, glitz and gambling. Las Vegas has far more to offer than just this, but also has a really seedy side to it.


National Mall and Memorial Parks, Washington DC

The location of some of the oldest protected parklands, you can find many of the nations iconic landmarks here including the Washington, Lincoln and Jefferson memorials.


Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, Massachusetts

This is a series of four markets set around a cobblestone promenade, where you can see jugglers and music to entertain the 20 million visitors that flock to this landmark every year.


Disney World, Florida

Hailed as the place where dreams come true, its a family orientated place and safe environment. Visit to see all your favourite characters including snow white and Aladdin.


Disneyland Park, California

Walt Disney’s original theme park, it features eight themed lands full of all the family loved characters that we have  grown up with. To date, it has been visited by over 515 million people, including presidents and royalty.


Golden Gate, San Francisco

People flock here in their millions every year to see the world famous orange golden gate bridge. It remains orange due to the high salt content in the air which causes the metal to rust. The reason it is called the golden gate bridge is due to the golden gate strait, the entrance to San Francisco from the pacific.


Niagara Falls, New York

Straddled on the border with Canada, the Niagara falls attract 12 million visitors a year, although the larger falls, on the Canadian side also attract a multitude of visitors. This is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the world,


Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Tennessee

Most people believe that the Grand Canyon or Yosemite are the most popular national parks in the USA, but 10 million hikers, drivers and bird watchers would tell you otherwise. With 800 miles of protected trails, this park is a popular tourist attraction year on year.


Waikiki Beach, Hawaii

A legendary tourist zone, this is an iconic destination and offers dramatic views of the volcanic come.


If any of these sound like your idea of a dream destination, grab your suitcase and Travel Insurance and get on the nearest flight!


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