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Best Honeymoon Destinations In Canada And Romantic Places Honeymoon

Welcome to Destinations Canada, a Canadian based tour operator specializing in affordable, top quality, Canadian on the road and adventure holidays.

Destinations Canada offers a wide range of festival options including our unique “Choice Trip” packages that have been custom designed by our knowledgeable staff to ensure you a great Canadian adventure experience.

Seeking more venture? we also offer “Design Your Own” touring holidays that allow you to customize your holiday to suit your needs.

Thinking of Canada as a further version of the United States can be a big mistake as the wild northern limit of Canada, which has resulted into the formation of a land separate from the United
States, has given shape to a state that is exclusively distinctive and different from USA.

The interesting mix of the British, French and local civilization and cultures of Canada is manifested in its complex three-dimensional aspect.

This is permeated incessantly by the culture of the United States and a number of traditions brought into the country by the immigrants.

Canada Honeymoon

Honeymoon is one of the most stunning moments of life. After the tiring and hectic wedding rituals, Honeymoon gives the couple an adequate chance to spend quality time with your beloved.

Both the bride and groom share some magical moment of love and romance. In order to make your dream come true, you must do certain planning.

Travel agents are ideal way to get your dream honeymoon destinations. It would be advisable to set a budget while formative an appropriate dream destination.

Canada is considered a honeymoon paradise. The brilliant Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise is one of the most well-liked honeymoon destinations in Canada.

You will cherish the memories of your lovely and romantic honeymoon forever.

Time with Polar Bears in Canada: This is in reality very adventurous.

If you can manage to go on the tundra tour for two days only it will be a captivating experience. You will watch the polar bears playing around you.

Museums and Galleries in Canada: The galleries are the symbols of Canadian tradition.

The bronze and steel statues are also very good-looking. The statues and sculpture gardens are symbols of master art pieces.

Best time to visit Canada

The best time to visit Canada is the summer months. During summer months a majority of people gather in Canada to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Advance reservations are recommended for final honeymoon vacations.

Beaches in Canada

Sauble Beach

Year after year, Sauble Beach has been chosen as one of the friendliest beaches in Canada.

This beach is blessed with amazing sunsets and eleven kilometers of soft sandy surface.

Sauble Beach hosts an thrilling event called the Sand fest wherein you can compete in its sand castle and sand sculpt competition! All the best!


Sandbanks are a very well-liked tourist venue and in fact three beaches are to be found here with golden colored sand and crystal clear waters.

Canoeing, sailing and windsurfing are hot favorite behavior in the beach of Outlets beach and Dunes Beach.

Wasaga Beach

Wasaga Beach fourteen kilometer long seashore front is cozily nestled on the southern part of Georgia Bay which overlooks the astonishing Canadian Blue Mountain.

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