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To Visit The Dreaming Destination Of Tahiti And To Appreciate The Fragrance Of Gardenia

Tahiti locates in the South Pacific, South of Hawaii, is the biggest island among the five French Polynesian islands. If you overlook Tahiti, it looks like meraid in Enderson Fair Tales. The head of meraid is called “Big Tahiti”, while the tale is called ” Little Meraid”. 1716, British fleet in the accident that the scent of the flower sea blue heaven on earth: transparent crystal, corolla pretty young sits alone on the stern, such as silver sand, the whirling, air sea mingled with vanilla and fresh. Beauty always make people run short of words, the British could not find a suitable name for it but only to call it isles of blessed.How Dramatic!! Designers all Enjoy shoulder bag

When you take Tahiti, aviation, space in the journey began to serve personnel will check for you like pure love of Tahiti national flower, gardenia, share with you the joy of life sweet. Here is characterized by Polynesian`s wild and passion, France’s elegance and romance, visitors can create a different kind of romantic in this exotic “lover’s paradise”. Going out of the hotel and going into the arms of the sea is also very good, there is a unique way to enjoy the sea here, that is, ride in glass-bottom boat, watching the sea coral reefs and rare fish.

The water is so clear that it seems a bottomless boat hang over on the water magically. At this moment, if you can present your beloved the black pearl, the specialty of Tahiti, which is called the tear of Angel, she must be moved.

If you like exciting things, you can go to Bora’s most famous activity of feeding shark and devil fish. You’ll never forget it once you experience it. The young salior put boat in shallow of sea,where there is a greater involvement with the Stingray project with the travel and lively. The old sailor disembarks first, take significant steps in the water and holds the white plastic bucket over head, like holding a torch, stands firmly in ten to twenty meters away, pulling out fish from the bucket to attract stingray swimming near.

Stingrays which are the close relatives of sharks seem to be the super bread that is thick in the middle and thin in the edge. In the back of a stingray, there is also a tail which is as strong as a whip. The swimming posture of it has the sense of flying. When they “fly” to the vicinity of the ship, the spectators are unable to remain excited, jumped into the water wearing clothes. Bow, crystal-like water doesn’t inundate the neck, white bottom and hemp safety rope bath in a kind of magic light, the “green onion green algae like sparkling garland, the wizard fish, like the zebra wrapped in fish skin, lined up swimming in all seriousness. The mouth of stingray is under its black round body. When sailors throw food to them we can see its pink sausage like lips.

Once the fish are bited, sailors will take advantage of those who like the discus throw as lun, stingray, round stingray were looted in the slender tail around the sailors immediately draw a perfect arc. If that arc swept around people`s waist, the feeling of a sting will be immediately sensed, when touched by hand, the slippery mucus of the stingray`s skin will remain on your hand. The tail is so strong when it is swinging, the beauties stung love it but sometimes hate it, on one hand they expect to stay close with stingray, on the other hand, they hide themselves from stinging by it like flowers blew by the wind.

Quietness is another way of enjoying. Standing still on a long dead coral reef and putting your head under the water in snorkeling equipment, The lightness under the water is too soft that when you look into the unfathomable bottom, you will also think it’s blue, for the reflection of sunshine. But on the surface of the water, you can see the blue fish deep inside the seawater, amazing. Imagine that we sit on a Heyerdahl raft, under the sunshine endless fresh sea fish gather automatically to out feet. How beautiful it is!

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