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Cruz Bay : A Dream Destination In The U.s. Virgin Islands

Cruz Bay is the main town on the Island of St. John, which is one of the three major U.S. Virgin Islands. Like the Island as a whole, Cruz Bay is undeveloped, laidback and easygoing. It offers the charm and beauty of a Caribbean town, but with the convenience and security that you would expect from a U.S. town. If you want a a quiet and fun time away with your family or your partner, then it really is the perfect place to spend your vacation.

Cruz Bay has a distinctive atmosphere which sets it apart from other towns in the U.S. Virgin Islands. There is a perfect combination of contemporary attitudes and West Indian tradition. The locals who live their permanently number less than 5000, and they are supplemented by a cosmopolitan mix of predominantly American and European tourists, many of whom, drawn in by the quietly exotic, yet comfortably familiar getaway, visit there every year.

It is the site of most of the Islands restaurants, bars, stores and dive centers, and pretty much every visitor to St. Johns spend at least some time there. Yet, despite being the center of commerce for the Island, it is nearer to being quiet than it is to being busy. The pace of life there is much slower than in a U.S. costal town, and visitors cannot help but be influenced by the Cruz Bay vibe, making it easy to forget about work and the pressures of your day to day life.

The restaurants in Cruz Bay offer the very best in fine dining, and you can sample truly exquisite Caribbean cuisine in all of the restaurants that line the beach. There is a quite buzz about the nightlife, which creates a pleasurable atmosphere for relaxing, talking and drinking. You will not find any loud music being blasted out of the speakers, just chilled contemporary reggae beats, and you will not find groups of youngsters being boisterous, just like minded people to enjoy good times with.

If you fancy a day away from the beautiful, secluded, scenic beaches that are located just 5-15 minutes away from Cruz Bay, then you can visit the spectacular Virgin Islands National Park, hire a jeep to take you on a tour of the Island, or browse the boutique shops that line the backstreets of the town. You could also partake in some of the wide variety of water sports activities available. Scuba diving tours tours to offshore reefs are very popular, as are jet skiing and parasailing.

Whatever you choose to do with your days, you can be sure that the weather will not be a hindrance to you, as the weather in Cruz Bay ranges is nearly always excellent. Air temperatures range from 80-90 degrees during winter months to 80-95 degrees during the summer, and water temperatures are 75-80 degrees in winter and 80-85 degrees in summer. Rain is rare, so leave your umbrella at home and bring lots of sunscreen.

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