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Mauritius, a dream destination for your vacations

Mauritius is one of the best holiday destinations in the world. Whether it is for the couple who want to go on honeymoon or the whole family for a well deserved vacation, Mauritius has everything to take care of your needs. Found, in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius is a tropical island. The sea and the sun are the things that make Mauritius a favourite place for tourists to visit all year round.

The beautiful white sandy beaches in Mauritius are very tempting and will instantly give you the envy to lie down and take a sunbath. There is no better feeling than feel the cool sea breeze on you while you lie down on the sand in front of the sea and in the sun, taking the most out of your well deserved holidays. While you move around Mauritius, you’ll see most parts covered with sugar cane fields.  As such, the exportation of sugar is one of the factors to help maintain the economy of Mauritius.

Moreover, Mauritius is a volcanic island which was once covered with forests inhabited by different species of birds and other animals. Due to development, Mauritius has lost most of its forests and rare animals. But still, while visiting Mauritius, you’ll be amazed by the picturesque mountains which stand like untouched giants in front of you. The varied bird life in Mauritius still exists thanks to the enormous efforts done by the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation to preserve endangered species of birds.

In addition to, before you just book your flight to Mauritius, it is imperative that you plan your holidays well. Planning your holidays well would give you the opportunity to visit most of the beautiful places in Mauritius. For golf lovers, Mauritius is an ideal place to come. Almost every hotel in Mauritius has a golf course, well organized and maintained either for the genuine players or simply the amateurs. In addition to, most of the hotels in Mauritius are now equipped with spa. So, do not forget to book a hotel which offers spa treatments. While you undergo a spa treatment, you’ll enjoy the relaxation that you had been in search for, hence disconnecting from all your worries, at least during your stay.

Furthermore, in Mauritius, you’ll get a number of car hire agencies in case you want a vehicle for your mobility needs. A good practice could be to search for car hire agencies in Mauritius before you come. You could book a car in advance so that when you come to Mauritius, you get the car right from the airport. This said, to be able to book a car in Mauritius, you need to have a valid driving license.

During your trip to Mauritius, apart from staying in hotels, you have the option to stay in villas. Villas are normally located near the beaches and are sometimes near the sea. Again, if you plan your vacations to Mauritius well, then you could book the villa of your choice either by phone or on the Internet.

Visit the Mauritius Tourism Office. Official Website with Mauritius information, facts, travel tips, history, culture, photos, videos, news and places to visit.
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