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Santorini, Greece: A Dream Destination Spot

Santorini is a chain of volcanic islands located in the southern Aegean Sea. The name of this island comes from Santa Irini’, and it is officially called Thera. In previous days, It was circular in shape and thats why the name is strongly. The volcanos eruption destroyed the centre of the island, causing it to sink and creating the present world Santorini.

Today it is favorite tourist spot in Greece. It is the home of some spectacular landscapes of the world. The sunsets of Santorini are known to be the best in the world.

Santorini is famous for its yachts and boat trips. It provides a unique boating experience to the visitors. You can easily rent a yacht for a day or two or even go to a boat trip to some volcano. The whole island is surrounded with amazing landscape and spectacular beaches. Visitors specially visit this place to experience this wonderful place with 32 square mile water basin. Few very beautiful and traditional villages are situated at this basin you can say its a lovely place to enjoy.

Each house of this village is white in color with blue windows leaving the observer mesmerized and inspired with its beauty. These houses have been built away from the sea. The main reason for this was the fear of pirates at earlier times. The names of some of the villages are Immerovigli, Fira, Oia, and Firostefani.

The weather of Santorini remains sunny for most part of the year. Humidity levels are high but overall climatic conditions are perfect for a destination spot. There are a number of churches to visit in Santorini. The Archaeological museum and The Naval museum are located in Fira, which is the capital of the island. Some other famous museums include The Megaron Gyzi, The Folklore museum, Santorini Wine Museum, The Bellonio Cultural Centre and Library and many more Santorini. is also famous for its wine industry.

The volcanic eruption helped in creating a soil that favors the growth of varieties of grapes. The most predominant grape variety is Assyrtiko. It is then used to make dessert wine, which is quite popular among the local inhabitants as well as tourists visiting this destination spot.

The night life of Santorini Island is lively and buzzing. A number of cafes, bars, and night clubs provide the visitors with the great deal of entertainment. Some cafes offer you with some tremendous sunset view locations along with tasty food making Santorini a perfect destination spot of romantic couples.

No wonder it is one of the preferred honeymoon vacation spots in entire Greece. Some hotels provide with live Greek music making you aware of the local culture and heritage. Couples prefer to visit this island for their marriage ceremonies also. So if you are in love, this is the perfect destination spot where you can take your loved one along with you and have a mesmerizing and enthralling experience. is a site dedicated to helping you plan your travel budget. We have researched Santorini prices, Athens prices , Saint Tropez prices and many other destinations.
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