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Romantic Kerala- Dream Destination of Honeymoon Couples

Honeymoon is the best time of the newly wedded couples that they celebrate together in a delightful way. It is the time couples come closer to know the feeling of each other celebrating the moments in a enjoyable way. Well Kerala is one such place in the whole world that provides the ambiance of heaven for new wed couples to celebrate their newly married life. It is the dream land of every honeymooner. Endowed with lush greenery, picturesque backwaters, palm fringed beaches, verdant hill stations, rich flora and fauna, Kerala is perfectly designed for honeymoon vacation. This beautiful state has everything prepared to make the honeymoon tour a lifetime memories.

Kerala is the perfect destination to state a newly married life in a cheerful and delightful way. There are several captivating destination in Kerala that provides privacy, relaxation, romance, excitement and freedom to express your feeling towards each other on honeymoon Kerala. It has palm fringed beaches. It has exotic hill stations. It has picturesque backwaters. It service mouthwatering cuisines. It provides warm hospitality and Luxury accommodation. The nature has blessed this God’s Own Country luminously. Infact this beautiful state of India is gifted with everything that is required to make the Kerala Honeymoon memories of Lifetime.

Beach of Kerala is the hot honeymoon destination of honeymoon couples. Infact Kerala has some of the world’s finest beaches. Couples can enjoy the beach activities with their beloved in a delightful way. Couples can also enjoy the charm of their honeymoon in Kerala by enjoying beach activities like water sport, wind surfing, swimming, cruising, sightseeing, body massage at Ayurvedic resorts and lot more romantic beach activities.

Backwaters are the most romantic destinations and are the favourite haunt of the couples. Most of the couples enjoy their honeymoon vacation in Kerala staying in the houseboat of Kerala. Houseboat are tailor maid boat that are used for backwater cruise. Houseboats are perfectly designed and are furnished with all the essential amenities to provide a comfortable and luxury stay in the houseboat. Couples enjoy the backwater cruise watching the picturesque vistas and the serene natural beauty of the surrounding. Sing romantic songs together, capture the picture, enjoy the view of the playful waterfall and lot more attractions on your romantic cruise with your beloved.

Beside these Kerala is also famous for verdant hill stations. There are many hill stations in Kerala of which Munnar is the famous one. Munnar is one the beautiful hill station of India endowed with picturesque vistas, sprawling tea gardens, coffee plantation, whistling river, etc. Take a romantic walk along the tea gardens holding you beloved hand. Sit and enjoy the picturesque views of Munnar together. Couples can also enjoy plucking the tea leaves from the garden that will give you the unique experience of your Kerala honeymoon tour. Plucking of tea leaves has it own charm and it gives a perfumed smell that will surely entice you.

Well there are lots more in Kerala to make the couples enjoy their honeymoon vacation in a delightful way. Couples can enjoy the traditional Kathakali dance, visit museums, wildlife sanctuaries, serenity of temples; taste the mouth watering cuisines, relax in spa centers, body massage at Ayurvedic centres, etc. Infact Kerala is the best destination to enjoy the unique culture of Kerala and honeymoon vacation in a delightful way.

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