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Time and space

I want to go out of town or travel in a nearby country like Hongkong or Singapore. I want to go on a nature tripping or shopping spree just to make myself happy and free from depression and emotional stress even for a short period of time. Yes, I want to escape for a while because I can no longer bear the pain in my heart and seeing the person who broke my heart everyday is like a poison that kills me slowly. I know I should not go on like this, i should fight this feeling and take control of the situation. But as of now I’m just too weak to continue with all the things I need to do. Just like today, I have colon cleanse reviews to accomplish but my depression has prevented me from concentrating on my writing assignments. I really need time and space, I want to be alone, I want to go on a place where I can have quiet moments and peace of mind.

But I don’t know how and when to start.. Hayz, my life is really too complicated.

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