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To Taste The Fragrance Of Gardenia In The Dreaming Destination Of Tahiti

A lot of celebrities and stars overwhelmed with admiration by the poetic and picturesque natural beauty of Tahiti, the movie star Nicole Kidman whose honeymoon was spent there. Different from Maldives, here you can see tropical plants everywhere, it’s “heaven for lovers” which is full of exotic culture.Several Must-See Tips for You to Purchase Sweet free british blogs

Traveling by the Tahiti Airlines, you will be welcomed by gardenia, the national flower of Tahiti meaning pure, honest and love, offered by the stewardess when you get on board. In Tahiti, the air is penetrated with aroma of gardenia, even the simplest breath will become a kind of enjoy.Vintage-Inspired: Magnificent Jewelry

Overlooking from the air, it looks like a mermaid of fairy tales of the Hans Christian Andersen, the head known as “big Tahiti”, the fish tail called “small Tahiti “. The Most Satisfying free british blogs Present an Appearance, Go to Have a Look! Standing on the deck of overwater villa in Bora Bora, the pure and transparent water and the cyan appeared only in dream; all of them make people be bursting to be involved. A pair of endemic Tahitian men and women paddled canoes and brought to disseminate the rich aroma of coffee, adding the toast of the South Pacific and rich fruit, is delicious hearty breakfast.Top 10 Extras for Youth Day

Set foot tall ladder, pushed open the door Polynesian-style boat house, tiptoed set foot on the glass floor at the foot of the fish free shuttle, as if one foot into the sea.

Sitting in the chair of balcony with your lover, you can feel the sweetness in the wind from the Pacific.

Out of the hotel, falling into arms of the sea is also a good choice.

Here is a special way to enjoy the ocean, that is enjoy the karang and rare fishes in the ocean by a glass bottom boat.

Out of “too” clear water, the boat is just like hanging on the water as in the fairy. If you like to take a venture, then participate in Bora Bora’s most famous activity – feeding sharks and devil fish. The feeling of a pumping heart you will never forget in your life.

Following the moving boat to a shallow water area, directly standing in the water, and soon there are a lot of devil fishes and you can hold your lover’s hand, and play with the fishes.

When feeding sharks, you can only be an audience. The captain separates visitors out with a rope and throws the ready small fishes into the sea to attract sharks, visitors then jump into the sea under the guidance of captain and lifeguards.

Watching the gradual approximation of the sharks, it need a lot of courage for people to jump into the sea this time.

Although the captain says that these sharks only eat fishes, apart from photographers, there are few people who dare to play with the sharks but just staying away.

Land ashore, go sightseeing the primeval forest on Moorea island, where it is full of exotic flowers and herbs, where it is full of the auro of the mountains and forest.

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