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The Dreaming Destination Of Luzern, The Combination Of Natural World And City Life

Swiss’s beauty is universally known. Travel in Swiss is like saunter in a painting. But Luzern’s beauty is privileged even in Swiss. In any other cities in Europe, you can’t find a city like Lucerne.Her classic.elegance and silence,arouse a series of poetic feelings in your heart frequently. A city with water will become lively, many cities in Switzerland are built beside water and they have similar patterns, a great river run through the city, water of the river runs into the lake, cities flourished at the junction of lakes and rivers. Lucerne is one such, Lucerne Lake in the distance, lie the famous Alps.Top 5 Spring/Summer 2010 hobo bag Movement

Lake is clear and clean, which looks like a flawless blue jade. 53.7% of People Complain that they Can not Afford Genuine hobo bags Looking at the depth of the lake from shoreside, we can see swimming fish, shrimp, and living beings under water clearly. Lofty Alps stretch long and unbroken around Lucerne. Its rugged and great image with snow creates a charming Lucerne near river. The lake light is shining in the embrace of snow mountain, while the color of mountain is beautified due to the reflection of the light of lake. It is a pleasant holiday in Luzern, the old medieval town under its dignified appearance implies the urban prosperity and modern society’s convenience and efficiency, but when you walk out the old town, you are immediately into the nature, this is the quality life in Switzerland. In the mediaeval times, Luzern was the only city with four bridges in Europe. The most gorgeous one is called “Chapel Bridge”.What is In Vogue Now? Absolutely free link directory !

But it is not the small wooden bridge in “The Bridges of Madison County”, a famous Hollywood movie. The Gallery Bridge of Lucerne is located in Hukou, it across the Reuss River, it’s a gallery-like bridge, Gallery Bridge, just like its name, it’s a wooden gallery. The shape of the bridge is like a crescent, and red, yellow flowers are decorated on the bridgehead. Looking from a distance, it just like a huge rainbow on river. Walking on the wooden floor of the bridge, you can feel the breeze blowing from the wooden windows on both sides and enjoy the panorama on both lakesides.

The top of each bridge plate triangular canopies are beautifully drawn pictures, each of the picture is the story of a patron saint of the story on the city. Umayabashi clinical side of the shore the Old City is located with the open-air cafes or restaurants. Teams played one another round the top of the tent, people can freely at the table while dining and enjoying the both sides of the lake. On the water surface are the leisurely swimming white swans and other water birds. Man and these elegant creatures are living in harmony here to enjoy the pretty scenery bestowed by God. The uniqueness of Luzern is characterized by its buildings.

Saunter along its lakeside, classic buildings with unique European features draw tourists’ eyes. All inclined roofs are in red engraved with years mark; ancient house on lakeside is reflected and connected with mirror-like lake water, reality bearing dreams and dreams shining into reality.

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