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Reward Credit Card: The Fast Way to Get Your Dream Destination

Getting air miles has been made much easier by the use of credit cards. This campaign has been around for 20 years and consumers get to enjoy the “save while spending” scheme. With more than 200 offline and online retail stores supporting this campaign, consumers can collect miles by purchasing goods using their reward credit cards.

Accumulating air miles is the perfect way to get your dream destination. The method is faster and easier than saving up for airfare, which would possibly cost you a year’s salary. You simply have to use the reward credit card whenever you go shopping, dine in restaurants, buy online items, or even when you purchase fuel. There are plenty of outlets that accept credit cards that support this program so you could easily accumulate miles when you use your card anytime, anywhere.

Accumulated air miles can free you from airline fares as well as the taxes and fees that come with them. It also offers a 7-tier plan. This will allow you to travel freely to destinations around the globe when you reach 750 to 10,000 points. Here are the places where you can possibly go with the accumulated air miles.

* 750 points – places in the UK and Europe. This includes Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels.
* 1,500 points – Rome, Nice, Madrid, and Prague.
* 2,500 points – Warsaw, Tunis, Helsinki, and Athens
* 5,000 points – Transatlantic areas, such as New York, Washington, and Boston.
* 6,500 points – Hong Kong, Shanghai, Nairobi, Barbados, and Toronto.
* 8,000 points – Mauritius, Cape Town, Los Angeles, and Rio de Janeiro
* 10,000 points – No limits to distance. Collectors can fly freely anywhere they want across the globe.

The idea of the reward credit card is to promote provider and usage loyalty. It is tied with different independent agencies located worldwide, which may include agencies in US, Canada, the Middle East, and Europe. Usage loyalties are attained when the users purchase through their credits cards, and thus collect more air miles.

The reward credit card has been successfully accepted by the public even during its early launching stages. There were three million who initially registered based on gathered statistics. More than 8 millions are registered today and the number is still increasing. Users can easily accumulate miles as they purchase items from various supporting outlets. With this ease in getting rewards, the only concern that users may have would be which destination to go to first.

Elizabeth Williams, Editor-in-Chief for makes it easy to compare and apply for a variety of credit cards featuring low or 0 balance transfer interest rates.
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