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Kerala Tour- The Dream Destination of Honeymoon Couples

Honeymoon is a special time to spend together after a wonderful marriage ceremony. When everyone is busy having a good time during the marriage ceremony, couples have to traditionally follow the ritual and customs to tie the string of love and eternity relationship. After the marriage ceremony is over it’s the time for the couples to enjoy the romantic time and have loads of fun to cherish the memories all through their life. But to turn these moments beautiful, golden and everlasting destination for honeymoon has to be exceptionally beautiful. Apart from the several Honeymoon spot in India, Kerala-the God’s own country is the dream destination of Honeymoon couples. Its tranquility, exhilarating beauty, pristine backwater destinations, copious natural beauty, rejuvenating health spa and mouthwatering cuisines make this place heaven on earth for and a perfect honeymoon destination. It is the heaven on earth for the newly wedded couples. There are various fascinating destinations in this place to spend the romantic and memorable time being together. Furthermore honeymoon is the time especially for the couples to spend together and make the string of love and relationship stronger.

Kerala is no doubt is the perfect haunt of the newly wedded couples. Gifted with the natural beauty, this beautiful places have the motto that says to the couples “Yours dream is not yours alone” so this place infact coconut state offers the most fascinating destination for couples to spend the most memorable moment of there life. Pristine backwater destination of Periyar, Alleppey, Kumarakom and Cochin are the most loved backwater destination by couples. As you glide through the fabulous water you will experience the real magic that adds in your life. Row the traditionally attired boat together singing romantic songs. It is one of the best and romantic moments of your Honeymoon in Kerala.

Furthermore if backwaters are so beautiful then obviously the exhilarating beauty of Munnar Hills will captivate couples in its lap. Its serenity, scintillating natural beauty, sprawling tea gardens, low flying clouds, aroma air of the coffee plantation, sprawling tea gardens, lovely picturesque view of the hills dotted with emerald trees, and lovely rising sun makes this place more romantic and wonderful for couples. It captivating beauty and serenity never fails to add memorable and golden moments in the life of the newly wedded couples. Take a walk along the sprawling tea gardens holding hands of your heart (beloved) sharing the secrets and magical moments. You together can try plucking tea leaves from the gardens with the local people. Capture pictures of the golden moment spent together in the beautiful hill to cherish the moments till eternity. I bet on this, once the couples visit this place for their honeymoon, they will never forget the golden moments of Kerala Honeymoon till infinity.

Furthermore the romantic candle dinner in the beach resort of Kerala gives a moment to remember and cherish all through your life. Prepared in the coconut Oil with natural spice gives a mouthwatering scent and make the candle night dinner even more romantic. Enjoy the fabulous diner and a magical health spa in the beach ayurvedic resort. Ayurvedic health spa and body massage rejuvenates you mind, body and soul. It is the unique gift of this beautiful state for the couples spending there memorable and romantic moments of their newly starting marriage life. Where else in this world will you find such great combination? It is only this heavenly place Kerala that offers such fascinating offers especially for couples on there Kerala Honeymoon Tour.

It is well said……….. Marriages are made in Heaven. ……….. But the knot of marriages are tied on earth …………and honeymoon are celebrated in Kerala.

What are you waiting for then? Don’t think just hold you beloved hand and carry her through the palm fringed beaches and exhilarating beauty of Kerala.

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