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2010 to be sunny summer in Ireland

There is probably no nicer place in the world on a sunny day than Ireland with its incredible scenery carved from all the treasures that nature has to offer.  Blue skies envelope majestic green mountains and valleys, stunning rivers, lakes and coastline. But switch from that scene to one of rain, hail and wind and suddenly Ireland is not such an attractive place at all. We Irish are used to it, but somebody on an Ireland travel experience from the continent or the United States might find it considerably off-putting and leave with unpleasant memories of their stay.
Located where it is in the North West Atlantic, Ireland is exposed to harsh environmental elements emanating from the Arctic Circle with little protection because of its position as being the first land in Europe to encounter the malignant ocean-swept forces of Mother Nature. For the past two years, Ireland has encountered  awful summers of consistent rain, but one amateur expert in Donegal reckons that the summer of 2010 will be a great one weather- wise for Ireland.
Michael Gallagher is a postman in Glenfin, County Donegal who has very successfully predicted the weather in Ireland for the last 40 years. He claims a knowledge of, and interest in nature arms him with the resources to accurately forecast the weather and he has an enviable record. For example, in December 2009, he predicted that he was “90 per cent certain” there would be snow in Ireland on Christmas Day and noted the behaviour of  the way animals such as cattle, foxes and sheep and also the way in which the grass was still growing in mild late October.  Those following his forecasts made a killing in the bookies when his prediction came true much to the annoyance of officials in Met Éireann, the Irish Meteorology Office, who had stated that they could not tell at that time if it was likely there would be a snowfall during the Christmas period.  
The good news is that Michael is predicting a very good June and July in 2010 and a possible heat wave in the second part of August.  Those who live in Ireland and have suffered great uncertainty in booking holidays abroad, and have therefore decided on an Ireland holiday, will surely welcome this news.  And one could do a lot worse on an Irish holiday than pay a visit to the county of this extraordinary postman/meteorologist. Donegal has it all, as they say, and assuming the correctness of Michael’s forecast, could be in for a boom summer season.  If you meet him, the least you could do is buy him a drink!

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Seamus Maguire lives in County Louth, Ireland and who writes about Ireland as a hobby, but with a passion. He runs a website Look Around Ireland which provides detailed information and interactive virtual tours of all the highlights that Ireland has to offer to the visitor. On his website, there is a specific section called the Ireland Travel Guide which offers all the useful information and tips about Ireland that will enhance the experience of the visitor to Ireland.
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