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Come Explore Divinity on Your Sikkim Tours

The tiny charming state of Sikkim lures the travellers with its soothing scarlet of rhododendrons, a stiffish breeze and an obscure foggy scenery, which appears ghostly and yet very captivating. The state’s 200 monasteries in addition make another attraction which scores above any other tourist circuits. The Sikkim tours are sweetened with its charming farms, village stays and views of Himalayan beauty. The calm of these sacred hills of the state carries a divine retreat and yet are also the dream trek for those enthusiastic mountaineers making tours to Sikkim a multi-faceted entity. Leaving the bustling north and busy south behind travellers make the journey straight to the east for a journeying through rocky pavements and for an off-road adventure.

Sacred Trails:

The purposeful fog and the quaint environs have long being the ideal residence of about 200 monasteries of the state. These benign and beautiful heights are known for being tributary to meditation and thus are dotted by numerous monasteries resting at the remote and inaccessible hilltops. Spiritual heritage of Sikkim has been mainly preserved by the gompas belonging to Nyigma and Kagyu orders of Buddhism. Lamas in red and yellow attires flank the hills and their chants reverberate thorough out the divine valleys marking the spiritual essence of Sikkim tour packages. The occasional trumping of drums and the sounds of prayer wheels, fluttering flags and the dazzling lamps in front of a splendid idol of Guru Padmasambhava all denotes the spiritual and cultural ethnicity of the land of serenity, Sikkim where ancient rituals are performed and where humanity is considered the best offering to almighty.

The experts believe that instead of more visited Rumtek, Tashiding and Pemayagtse there are several other monasteries worth a visit in the vicinity. Karma Kagyu monastery is fascinating with its stunning murals, Enchey monastery is the 200 year old monastery and Sang Choeling monastery enchants with its short trek meandering amidst thick forests.

High Escapade:

The region is an absolute heaven for trekkers. The undulated treks meander through thickets and goes to the isolated mountain peaks. The lower hills of Sikkim comprise of various routes between Yuksom, Peling, Tashiding and Legship. The most popular of the treks opted by those on Sikkim tour package is the Dzongri-Goecha La trek which offers spectacular views of Kanchenjunga while Green Lake trek, the base camp marking the beginning of treks to high peaks is opted by more experienced trekkers. To explore the rich scenery of the land one often opt for jeep rides which takes the visitors deep inside the wilderness and to those high altitudes otherwise out of their reach. The scenic views of landscape at high altitude are one must see and another such must see is the sacred lake of Gurdongmar.

A couple of things one must pay attention to while opting for Sikkim tours is that foreigners must obtain Inner Line Permit to visit the state. Even trekking in the interiors such as the trek to Green Lake and more requires special permit. One can apply for these permits through an authorised tour agent in the country. All these arrangements made well in advance will assure you a hassle free and a rich experience at the state.

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