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A Bonnie Scotland Indeed

“You tak’ the high Road an’ I’ll tak’ the low road” and we will enjoy a Scottish vacation together, in the Scottish highlands and in the lowlands of Bonnie Scotland. Most people visit Edinburgh and then claim they have “done Scotland”. Others head straight for the Isle of Skye or for Gleneagles Hotel or St. Andrews for a round of golf and then claim the same thing.

You don’t “do Scotland” in a day, or even a few days. Ten days to two weeks is what it takes to experience what Scotland vacation packages have to offer, and even that is nothing more than a taste of more to come should you wish to return – and most do. So what is needed for you to see Scotland in all her glory? This proud country that has withstood the ravages of invading English, sometimes with great success and sometimes not?

One of the first things you will notice on your Scotland vacation, whether in the Scottish highlands or in the lowlands, is the pride of the people in their country and of their friendliness to visitors. Then you notice the scenery and everything else that makes Scotland what it is. Let’s start on your ideal vacation in Scotland with the type of service you should expect.

Motorcoach tours are perfect for the first time traveler, someone who does not like to drive, or the return visitor who wants a new experience. These vacations are amazing – featuring a professional guide on your journey, with all accommodations and tours pre-booked, you will experience a new adventure that you will come to love again and again! Select from different motorcoach destinations below.

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