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Springfield, Ohio: Heritage Center of Clark County and Vienna Corn Festival

We are presently staying at Beaver Creek Resort equidistant from Columbus and Dayton, OH.  The closest town of any significance is Springfield, OH.  We were told to visit the Heritage Center of Clark County.  Housed in the old city hall and market place, the center has exhibits about the growth of Springfield in the 1800s.  The county is named for George Rogers Clark who led a band of Kentuckians to defeat the Shawnee Indians at the Battle of Piqua.  Exhibits show the impact of the National Road, Rte. 40, had on the opening of the Ohio territory to settlement, the influence of International Harvester on the community, and the production of the engines used for the White Jammers in the 1930s.  One question not answered is about the Buffalo Springfield Steamroller.  Did the musical group by the same name have its origins here?

We went to the annual Corn Festival at South Vienna, OH, four miles East of our resort.  There were many booths of crafts and kitsch, even more vendors of food, and the usual assortment of amusement rides.  A couple, who was camped by us at the resort, owned the rock-climbing wall.  I was amazed about the amount of money, which they made by traveling around to the different fairs and festivals.  What I found interesting is that there was only one booth with corn: $1.50 per ear of roasted corn or $3.50 per dozen of raw corn.

The answer the above question is that the rock group was looking for a name for itself.  They looked out the window of the hotel they were staying at and saw a steam roller made by Buffalo Springfield.  The rest is history.

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