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Spanish Music

Among the number of reasons behind the popularity of Spanish history and civilization, the Spanish music is one big reason. There are many unique features of the music in Spain and this music is unique because it combines variety of cultures and civilizations. The reason behind this is the domination of Spain by different cultures of various countries. The Gypsies are known as the creators of Spanish music and this music is much inspired by the dances from Andalusia, Tartessos and Muslims of the region. Three common ingredients of the Spanish music are the song, Baile (dance) and guitar. It is indeed difficult to exactly assess the inspiration of Spanish music but no doubt, this music is very unique and very different from that of the other nations in Europe.

If we look into the development and history of the music in Spain, then it is very clear that this music is highly influenced by the Moors, Greeks and Romans. These three civilizations influenced the Spanish music during the early time period of its development. Mozarabic chant is the name of the music which is played in the churches of Spain. It was Spain where the polyphonic concept of music originated during the 16th century.

Spain is well known for the variety of music festivals held by the country during different times of the year. The interest of tourists has made the music a much highlighted part of the whole tourist activity. The pop and rock & roll styles of music are very famous in Spain and most of the Spanish music stars are female. Another popular form of music in Spain is called Ye Ye and it is influenced by the British and American beats. Among the popular singers of Spain are Enrique Iglesais, Miguel Bose and Rosa Lopez. There are many famous music groups as well and among them are falling Kids, Ketama, Pereza, Los Bravos and Greta.

Folk music in the different regions of Spain is also very popular. Cantabrian is a folk kind of music which is popular in the Basque Country and it is highlighted with stick dance and intricate arch. Rebec is also a folk music in which there are a number of instrument players involved beating drums and clarinet. Rondalla and Dulzaina are the forms of dance music which is popular in Castile. The famous rhythms in Spain include joya, circle dance and habas verdes.

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