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Castlefield – Britain's first Urban Heritage Park

Touted as the ‘uncrowned capital of the North’, Manchester certainly knows how to put its stamp on the cultural map. With a past that lays claim and responsibility for the industrial revolution and Capitalism, Manchester can show the other cities a thing or two when it comes to modernizing in the 21st century. An attitude that’s as big as its heart dominates this futuristic metropolitan but it has not yet forgotten to pay homage to its past – if the amount of museums is anything to go by. A tangible confidence that is infectious surrounds this city, making it a testament to the belief that falling off the band-wagon is not necessary the worst that can happen to a person.


Born amidst a Roman fort that was abandoned when they took their leave from Britain, Castlefield holds the majority of Manchester’s industrial heritage within its vast planes. A place that had been decaying and rotting for years after the Romans left, it came to be known as “The Castle-in-the-Field” to the people who lived in those parts during the Middle Ages. Having overthrown its shabby past, it has now been dubbed as England’s first Urban Heritage Park.


A myriad of canal systems, railway viaducts and museums dominate the area of the park. But that is not all that draws the thousands of visitors to its gates – boat trips, walks, waterside pubs, and frequent advents in the Outdoor Arena contribute to make Castlefield a place worth paying a visit to. Once downtrodden and derelict it has now been restored with loving care to embellish upon its former glory. Excavation has even brought forth vestiges from its royal past and history of the city itself.


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