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I want a tourism career

I envy those people who chose tourism related careers because they can travel in many different places and meet people from all walks of life. Since I don’t have the “height” to make it as a flight stewardess i end up taking engineering course instead. And now i’m working in a manufacturing plant which i really regret. If only i could turn back the time i will choose a different career path. Forgive me if i have to rant today. I’m just mad because it’s Labor Day today and here we are instead of enjoying and taking some time to relax we’re still in our office working! That’s the disadvantage of working in a manufacturing plant, we are required to work six days a week. Though May 1 is a non-working holiday since it was moved on May 3 we still have a regular work today. ¬†We cannot really enjoy the long weekend holiday vacation program of our government.

Anyway since there’s nothing i can do about it, i’ll just make myself content blogging about my imaginary travels.

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