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Dubai Shopping Festival

Mother’s Day is coming soon so as early as today i’m already scouring the net for unique gifts for her. But if money is available and time permits us, i would like to give her a trip to Dubai and give her a shopping experience she will never forget.

Dubai has an annual festival called Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF. This month long shopping event attracts millions of bargain hunters from across the globe. Tourists can enjoy tax free shopping as well as heavy discounts on jewelry, cars, perfumes, textiles, handicrafts and electronics items as shops and malls try to outdo each other in sells.  The tax free discounted rates are not the only attraction of Dubai Shopping Festival, as you can win fabulous free gifts, bargain offers and raffle tickets. Dubai has rapidly emerged as the tourist capital of the Middle East and in the effort shopping in Dubai has been made largely tax free and merchants have been allowed to import products from other countries with very low or no custom duties.

Hayy how i wish i have the money  and if ever i will bring my whole family with me!

Here’s a video of what you can see at Dubai Shopping Festival:

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