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Summer adventure and activities for kids

I want my kids to enjoy their summer vacation, so husband and i are planning to  give them an action adventure getaway and activities.  I checked some websites to look for the best place and fun activities for kids.

I found an adventure program available around Cebu. The activities are suitable for kids from 6 and above. Planet Action Adventure offers the following activities:

cave busay
Caving adventure at Cave Busay

The 200 meter long tunnel is an easy but exciting walk through. Kids will see flying bats and beautiful rock formation like stalagmites. Kids can take a dip in the fresh water spring. Each kid is equipped with his/her own caving gear. For lunch, a jungle barbeque will be prepared for the kids.

Jungle Trek for kids at Kawasan Waterfalls

A walk to Kawasan Falls, a 1-hour trek along the beautiful Matutinao River to its source. Experience the natural beauty, Including 20-meter high waterfalls, diverse tropical vegetation, and wild life – butterflies, monkey, lizards etc. A lunch awaits  above the waterfalls, where the kids can take a bath in the shallow natural pools of the river.

White Beach Party for Kids

At the beautiful White Sand Beach the kids will enjoy ball games like volleyball, football as well as frisbee, badminton, and other beach activities. The ocean beckons for splashing and fun, Including snorkeling lessons and tours, under the guidance and supervision of our professional guides. Swimming lessons can even be arranged for the less experienced swimmers.

I found all the activities interesting, however they are located in Cebu and that is thousand miles apart from us. Anyway, i hope i can still find the same program somewhere here in Luzon before the summer vacation ends.

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