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Camping in Zambales

Our manager invited us to visit his mango plantation in Zambales on May 1st, since it’s a national holiday here in our country we do not have work on that day so it’s a good opportunity for us to go on a trip. He said their farm is a nice place for camping so we’ll stay there for about two days.


It will be my first experience to go on a camping so i’m going i’m not sure if i’ll enjoy this outdoor activity. Anyway, i think i have to be prepared so i thought of searching a camping equipment checklist online.

Here’s what i found:


    Sleeping bag
    Sleeping pad


* Stove, Dutch oven, campfire grill or BBQ grill
* Charcoal, briquettes, gas or propane fuel, fire starters
* Matches or lighter
* Pots and pans with lids, stackable and easy to clean
* Utensils – spatula, knife, spoon, tongs, can opener, bottle opener, corkscrew
* Cutting board and mixing bowl
* Cups, plates and bowls, durable and easy to clean
* Knives, forks and spoons
* Airlock food containers, Ziploc bags, aluminum foil
* Dish pan, wash up soap, Brillo/scrub pad, microfiber cloths
* Water container

Personal Items


* Sleeping bag
* Air mattress, cot or sleeping pad – keep off of the hard ground
* Do not forget the air pump if you have an airbed.
* Repair kit for air mattress, just in case you get the sinking feeling
* Pillow

Hygienic necessities

* Camping shower, shower pump, Wash bowl, 5 gallon water container
* Shower shoes, sandals or flip flops
* Face cloth, soap, towels
* razor, hair brush, tooth brush, toothpaste, deodorant
* toilet paper
* Other personal hygiene products
* Personal medication


* Underwear, socks
* Shoes and boots
* Jeans, pants and shorts
* T-shirts, polo shirts
* Sweatshirt or jacket
* Bandana
* Hat
* Sleep clothes
* Swimwear and towel
* Rainwear
* Laundry bag

First aid

* Band-aids, roll bandages, triangular bandages,
* Scissors, safety pins, adhesive tape, tweezers,
* Gauze, swabs, antiseptic wipes,
* Insect bite medication, bug repellant, burn ointment,
* Aspirin, Tylenol other medication
* Eye drops, eye wash
* Small bottle of water
* Sunscreen
* Personal medical information, notepad and pencil


* Phone card, coins for phone
* Camera, film, memory card, batteries, recharging unit
* Backpack or fanny pack
* Sunglasses
* Flashlight and batteries – look for the self-generating flashlights
* Compass or hand held GPS
* Pocket knife – look for Swiss or multi-tool knives
* Rope or clothes line, string, bungee cords or duct tape
* Camp chairs
* Camp table
* Miscellaneous entertainment – toys, games, ball
* Bikes, helmets

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