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A trip to Las Vegas

I have never been in the United States before. To go there is one of my dreams . One of the places that I would like to visit while I am in the US, is Las Vegas. So far, I’ve seen Las Vegas only through media like the television and magazines.

Las Vegas Attractions

But today with a simple search on Google we’ll be able to find information about city maps, the history of this remarkable city, the many things you can do in Las Vegas other than gambling, an abundant and interesting list of attractions around the city, and a mind boggling array of Las Vegas Specials, Las Vegas Packages, and Las Vegas Deals. While many may refer to Las Vegas as sin city, the local tourist promoters prefer to call it The Entertainment Capital of the World. The City has a very glamorous reputation and is a favorite setting for many movie and television companies. The quality of entertainment available is unequaled in any other city its size and a favorite vacation spot for many celebrities.

I’ve learned that Las Vegas has a dry climate with very little rainfall. Winters are a bit cool and windy and you can expect high temperatures in the summer months. (Highs of 105 degrees F are common from May to September). Las Vegas gets an average of 4.2 inches of rain per year. The mountains surrounding Las Vegas do get snow during the winter months, however it rarely snows in Las Vegas itself. Knowing all these, for sureĀ  i will enjoy my stay in Las Vegas!

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