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Sojourn: Providers Of Friendly, Leisurely Bike Trips

Bike trips are, in some ways, the ideal vacation. If you’re active, curious, and a lover of the outdoors, why would you settle for travel in cramped, enclosed vehicles, when you could see the world from the saddle of your bike, at your own pace? Sojourn has years of experience conducting leisurely bike trips through some of America’s most beautiful locales. Let them show you how invigorating a vacation can be.

Sojourn’s selection of bike trip locales spans some of the country’s most stunning regions. Current bike trip packages include tours of the Arizona Sonoran Desert, Ontario’s Niagara Wine Country, the Sonoma Wine Coast of California, Acadia National Park in Maine, Martha’s Vineyard, the Oregon Columbia River Gorge, the Outer Banks of North Carolina, Vermont’s Lake Champlain, Québec, and more.

The advantage to taking your next bike trip with Sojourn, as opposed to going it alone, is that Sojourn employs a trained staff of professional bike tour leaders, who have years of experience helping bicyclists get the most out of their cycling vacations. Sojourn’s bike trip leaders are, without exception, great travel companions, with fun-loving attitudes and comprehensive knowledge of routes and equipment. No matter what your cycling experience level, Sojourn’s staff will put you at ease. Under their care, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy your trip, without ever needing to worry about logistics or planning.

Participants in past Sojourn bike trips have described the experience as being ‘like summer camp’. Imagine attaining, for a few precious days, a carefree state of mind. On a Sojourn bike trip, you’ll have nothing to do but peddle, enjoy beauty [both natural and manmade], and, at mealtimes, enjoy delicious and well-earned food to fortify yourself for the road.

Sojourn tailors its bike trips to suit the individual needs and expertise of participants. Participants are free to select their own distances, speeds, and levels of difficulty, according to their personal preferences, and their cycling endurance. You might choose to ride alone, or with a spouse, or a handful of friends—or, you might choose to ride with the group, and experience the camaraderie and encouragement of your travel companions. It’s completely up to you.

In addition to its package bike trips, Sojourn offers a range of custom trip options, for your next special occasion. Whether you’re planning a corporate team building exercise, a family reunion, or a get-together with friends, Sojourn’s friendly office staff will work with you to plan a route and a time. Their expert guidance will ensure that your group outing is a success.

Every Sojourn bike trip is accompanied by a support van, to transport tired riders, food, and even the occasional antique market acquisition. You need never be over-tired or hungry while riding with Sojourn.

Sojourn is a Vermont-based provider of bike trips and active vacations. For more information, visit GoSojourn.

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Sojourn specializes in extraordinary bike tours and active vacations throughout North America. Choose from destinations artfully selected for breathtaking scenery, unique points of interest, fabulous cycling, and distinctive lodging. For more information, please visit
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