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Malta Hotels And Accommodations In St. Julian's

St. Julian’s or San Julian is considered as one of the popular tourist towns in Malta which is located on the northern part of Valetta and is a coastal town. The St. Julian’s town is a tourist destination in Malta and hence houses a number of hotels in Malta as well as dining places and recreation and leisure centers particularly in the area of Paceville. There are four informal districts in St. Julian’s and these are the Paceville, the Tal Ghogod, the Ta’ Giorni and the St. Andrew’s. Around these districts spread the different Malta hotels that you can stay for the duration of your vacation.

The St. Julian’s town is more attractive to tourists during the months where the summer season starts. As of the year 2007, there are almost eight thousand residents in St. Julian’s excluding the tourists in the tourist accommodation in Malta. The growth of the population is not that fast and in fact, the early histories of St. Julian’s suggest that early in the 1800, nothing can be found in St. Julian’s, not even the Malta hotels that stood in the area at present. It was written that only the Spinola Palace and the old huts of the fisher folks and the old churches were the only social setups in St. Julian’s. No economic centers, and definitely, no tourist destinations and tourist accommodations such as Malta hotels.

The hotels in Malta particularly in this town is of a recent development for the early history of St. Julian’s tells that this Northern town and other northern coastal towns remained undeveloped due to the frequent attacks of the Moslems before the year 1565. Later on, development ensued and it started with the Spinola Place and other gardens that were built for the entertainment of the public by Fra Paola Rafaele Spinola. The town fiesta is celebrated every 12th of February and on this day of the year, tourists fully occupy the hotels in Malta and many of them visit the town on other Malta holidays.

Among the highly recommended hotels in Malta is the Malta Hilton Hotel which is located at the Portomaso which is the center of the waterfront development. The Malta Hilton hotel bordered the magnificent yacht marina and this Malta hotel has around 294 brand new rooms and offers the best and the highest standard of accommodation in Malta for which the Hilton hotels is best known for. Aside from the development of the hotels in Malta, the development provided also for accommodation in Malta through the luxurious residential apartments found in the area.

Another excellent choice for hotels in Malta is the Westin Dragonara Hotel Malta in St. Julian’s. The hotel is located in the exclusive coastal enclave of St. Julian’s which is one of the best travel destinations due to its tranquility. The Westin Dragonara Resort Hotel Malta is also considered as one of the best resort hotels in Malta and just near the downtown area of St. Julian’s. The hotel has 341 rooms of which 27 are suites and 29 are luxury suites. The hotel is also one of the luxurious hotels in Malta which offer a number of specialty shops and has its own shopping esplanade.

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