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Help, My Luggage Is Lost In Mexico!

Although the incidences of lost or damaged luggage are on the decline; these events can still happen to anyone, anywhere. If occurring in the U.S., most shopping malls are just a few minutes away from most major airports. In Mexico, there are plenty of shopping malls and farmacias (pharmacies) around to help replace lost clothing, shoes and toiletries but this added expense is not something most travelers prepare for when going over their pre-vacation needs.

These “Help, My Luggage Is Lost In Mexico” travel tips are provided by Mexican Insurance Store, the leading online purveyors of Mexican Auto Insurance who know how to save you time frustration and money and still provide quality and reliable insurance. Mexico authorities do not recognize US or Canada auto policies (territorial exclusion), so when driving your vehicle South of the Border, you need to purchase Car Insurance for Mexico. If you drive without Mexico Insurance, you will be jailed until your obligations are paid for.

Thanks to today’s technology, it is easy to use digital cameras, video equipment and cell phone cameras to provide a documented record of the luggage’s outside appearance and if choosing to, inside contents. By having a description and visual description, it is easier to file a report with the airlines while being as specific as possible regarding the luggage’s appearance, size and included contents.   To prepare for emergencies, including those pertaining to lost or damaged luggage claims, travelers should investigate the benefits of purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance policy. More expensive than a basic travel insurance policy, these cover reimbursements for just about any cancellation reason or vacation disruption. Carefully read the fine print regarding lost or damaged luggage reimbursement. There will most likely be a maximum benefit and some items may require documentation such as receipts, serial numbers, incident reports from the airlines and possibly more. When purchasing a travel insurance policy, it is highly advisable to make a list of each item, the item’s age, approximate cost and photograph the lot. Should luggage become lost or damaged, the inventoried list will also be helpful when filing a report with the airline.   If at all possible, another way to plan for emergencies is to carry at least a spare outfit and pair of shoes in your carry-on bag. Make sure all valuables are also stored in a carry-on and not in your checked luggage. Should the worst happen, at least you will still have your valued items and a spare outfit. Take comfort though, as most lost luggage is generally found and returned to owners within 24 hours. Help, My Luggage Is Lost In Mexico!

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