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Bund Tourist Tunnel- Ride Like No Other

A visit to Shanghai could be memorable for many reasons, but perhaps the best memory that could be created is at The Bund promenade in the evening, while gazing across the river at Pu Dong.

Pu Dong is placed towards the east of the Huangpu River. Although a few years back it was covered in marsh, today it is a reminder of how far China has developed, and is replete with sky scrapers, and modernistic architecture.

While Pu Dong is absolutely amazing at night, it’s also worth the journey during the day as well. However, visitors to Pu Dong will be surprised at the innovative means of getting across The Bund, since the area does not possess any accessible bridges or boats to travel by. Instead, tourists could take the Bund Tourist Tunnel.

The Bund Tourist Tunnel is perhaps the most talked about means of travel by any tourist to Shanghai. The entrance is located towards the north of the famous Marshal Yi statue, which is in the centre of many shopping boutiques and restaurants.

At the underground platform is where tourists waiting to ride the tunnel wait for the transparent cabins to arrive. Once they arrive and tourists are seated these cabins then travel through a subway tunnel were coloured lights and images are projected onto the walls of the subway.

It’s a mix of science fiction meets modern travel, and many view it as an interesting means of introducing art into another sphere – such as transportation. The tunnel doubles up as a ride as well as giving tourists and local riders a bit of a thrill along an otherwise boring journey.

After a few minutes riders emerge on the other side of the river Huangpu, completely amused and thrilled. A beautiful river walk awaits riders along with amazing picture postcard views of The Bund. On this side of the river is a marble river walk with good views of The Bund. Visitors could pay to go to the top of the Pearl TV Tower, which offers an amazing view of the area.

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