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Preventing Unauthorized Lodging Charges In Mexico!


There is nothing worse than coming home after a relaxing Mexican vacation only to find out a month later your credit card statement reflects an unexpected lodging charge. Carefully itemizing your check-out statement, you notice the check-out statement and credit card charge differ. Calling the hotel, you are informed there were some post-departure charges that were found when servicing your room. In order to avoid situations like these, travelers can protect themselves for these kinds of upsetting charges.


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First, understand some charges will be settled when checking out. Paying for parking (if applicable), daily resort charges, any pay-per-view movies, room service and spa charges will show up on your check-out statement. If not in agreement regarding any of these items, they can be discussed with the hotel manager before departure. When rectified, make sure you get the manager’s name, telephone extension and have him or her write on your statement the final bill’s cost. This way, if another amount mysteriously appears on your credit card statement, you can easily scan and fax the authorized bill correction to the hotel’s accounting department where you credit card’s charge can be adjusted.

To avoid unauthorized lodging charges in Mexico or anywhere else for that matter, it is important to leave the room with the same items you were issued. For example, make sure the remote control is easily visible on the nightstand, the key to the safe has been placed in the keyhole, the correct amount of towels and washcloths are left in the room and no unauthorized “souvenirs” have been taken.

A charge that can add-up quickly, unless you are prepared to pay, do not break the seal of the mini-bar. Even if no items have been taken, you do not know who is going to come into the room after you and help themselves to an open mini-bar. Very unlikely, this can happen; so protect yourself and use this amenity with caution.

Lately there are a number of good three for two specials at various Mexico hotels. What I mean is 3 nights for the price of two. These are good deals, but many times they come with the caveat that you need to get the third night deleted at check out and if you are like me I don’t really like check out so I usually just call down and ask them to email my receipt to save time. Well make sure they take off that third night as sometimes they wont catch it if you don’t check out in person.

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