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What Is The Best Way To Go Hiking In Rio De Janeiro ?

The best place for hiking in Rio is the Tijuca Forest National Park.  Finding a great trail can make the difference between having a so-so time and making your hike a really memorable day. Using the services of a local hiking tour operator is the best way to get around in Rio`s trails, specially the ones like Pedra Bonita, Pico da Tijuca or Pedra da Gávea. If you ask a hotel concierge about adventure tour operators, they will problably direct you to one of their personal choices (specially the ones that pay them a fat comission. In this case, the best way is to search thru the internet, probably the best tool these days. 

But before you book your adventure, don`t forget to pay attention to your gear. Hiking boots are the most important part of your hiking gear. The right footwear will carry you farther, faster and safer than any cheap pair of casual shoes will. Plus, your feet and legs will feel a lot better at the end of the day as well.

When it comes to clothing, right shirts and bermudas will make you feel cooler, drier, and more comfortable while you’re hiking. The newest outdoor apparel is made from fabrics that are far superior to yesterday’s cotton or wool. These fabrics are breathable and move moisture away from the body. Once you get all that set and done, don`t forget to take along at least half gallon of drinking water and some snacks. Trails in Rio can last from 2 to 6 hours both ways, and you don`t want to dehydrate half way to the summit right? Enjoy it !!



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