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Timeshare Truths In One Minute

There are big changes going on in the timeshare industry. The truth is that the economy is in a rough patch. As a result, the timeshare industry is also in a state of flux. Once a sign of luxury, the timeshare has become a burden for many. Also, many timeshare owners are finding out the truth about their purchase.

Are you one of the timeshare owners who felt that they weren’t told the whole truth? That there was something being hidden from you?

When buying your timeshare, you were told that you would be buying a slice of heaven. You were told that you were making a wise investment, that you were going to be saving thousands of dollars, and that you would always be able to resell your timeshare.

You were not told the truth.

The truth is that there are 3 million timeshares on the resale market. There are only 4.7 million timeshare owners. The truth is that renting a timeshare on the internet often costs less than what timeshare owners are paying in maintenance fees at the exact same place. The most exclusive resorts are now open to the public for rental — and that includes your very timeshare.

That is the truth.

Your timeshare is now a financial liability keeping you from experiencing financial freedom. Yearly maintenance fees are skyrocketing. Due to the struggling economy, timeshare companies have begun charging special assessments in the thousands of dollars to cover expenses. Your timeshare contract requires that you pay all the fees, forever—or until you can unload the timeshare.

About the Author:
Tracie Newcastle is a freelance writer based in Los Angeles. She is also a timeshare consultant for the timeshare industry helping timeshare consumers understand the nature of the industry as well as their timeshare relief options. Whether you are trying to buy, sell, rent, donate, or straight up get rid of your timeshare, Tracie Newcastle is here to help. If your timeshare is costing you a fortune and you need a way out, please visit her website at for a guaranteed solution.
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