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Think You Are Covered?

No one ever plans to get sick or have an accident while on vacation, but the unexpected does happen. Medical emergencies – both within Canada and abroad – can be very costly, particularly for travellers who are not fully covered.

“Many travellers believe they have adequate travel insurance through credit cards or employer plans, but don’t realize the limitations of their coverage,” said Tim Bzowey, vice president, Travel, Home and Auto, RBC Insurance. “They should be aware of the type and amount of coverage they have and purchase supplemental travel insurance to fill in any gaps.”

Credit cards often provide coverage for a limited number of days or limit the amount you can claim while employment benefits may not cover all medical emergencies and have limited travel benefits. Also keep in mind that government health insurance plans often pay only a portion of medical costs.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when reviewing your travel insurance coverage:

Does the plan have a deductible? If so, make sure you’re aware of this clause and are comfortable with the amount you may need to pay.

Will the company pay your expenses up front? Reimbursement isn’t much help if you need expensive surgery and don’t have the cash or a credit card on hand.

What does the policy cover? Does the policy cover the cost of being flown home by air ambulance with a private nurse?

Does the policy have an emergency phone line you can call from anywhere in the world? If so, are the representatives multilingual?

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