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Visiting Mexico During The Holiday Season!

Visiting Mexico during the holidays is a great time to learn about Mexican culture but if looking for a Christmas tree filled wonderland in the tropical sun, visitors will be surprised to know that Christmas is not as celebrated in Mexico as it is in the States. In Mexico, the holiday season is seen as a religious event and not a commercial one. While most Americans look forward to Christmas Day, Mexicans enjoy participating in the pre-Christmas Day Los Posadas event and the post-Christmas Day, Three Kings’ Day.

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As for finding Christmas trees during your visit, tourists can expect to see more poinsettias than decorated trees. These native Mexican flowering plants can be found everywhere; adding color to the season along with nativity scenes. Just as popular in Mexican households as Christmas trees are in American ones, Mexicans assemble nativity scenes as a way of remembering the journey Mary and Joseph took and the journey’s purpose. Since over 90% of Mexicans are Catholics, this very religious group of people strives to make the holiday season a long, religion-filled one.

If visiting a Mexican familys home during your visit, you most likely won’t find any stockings hanging on mantles. Instead of receiving small treats in stockings, most Mexican families have piƱatas that are filled with candy and small toys. There is usually one per family and children look forward to gathering candies.

Travelers lucky enough to tour homes of the wealthy may be surprised to find a decorated, live Christmas tree. Some Mexican people have embraced this tradition and have their Christmas trees shipped from the U.S.; while Mexican people who desire a Christmas tree but are unable to afford one will sometimes decorate their outdoor trees and bushes.

Holiday shopping is also less commercialized in Mexico. Instead of department stores, many outdoor markets sell religious-based, Christmas crafts and decorations. Emphasis here is less on what people receive and more on what you give, as in the Biblical story of the Three Kings. Visiting Mexico during the Holiday Season!

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