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Kopanya- A Colourful Ball For A Rainbow Nation

As the world cup draws near, few people will notice how significant the small little ball will be for South Africa’s Ndebele community. The official match ball of the 2010 tournament developed by the Adidas Company has been christened as ‘Kopanya’ meaning ‘join together’ in Sesotho, the language spoken by millions of people in South Africa. The unusual design of the ‘Kopanya’ includes the flag colours of all participating nations and has been inspired by the art form practiced by Ndebele people of South Africa.

Available in metallic white and multi-colour versions, Kopanya’s bright multi-coloured design consists of intricate shapes and black outlines reflecting typical Ndebele design. A silver polish provides a stylish touch to the ball. The design successfully blends tradition and modernity, symbolizing contemporary South African society. As a piece of sports equipment, Kopanya is fantastic. Wet and moist surfaces will not affect its performance as the ball is remarkably resistant to water uptake. The seamless casing offers better spin and the latex bladder inside the ball provides improved rebounding. It offers excellent ball control and takes flight exceptionally well as witnessed in the recent matches where Kopanya was used to test its effectiveness.

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As millions of tourists descend into South Africa next June, they are sure to witness world class infrastructure and hospitality awaiting them. Doubts were earlier raised about the country’s ability to fine tune its infrastructure before the tournament but South Africa has silenced them all. Get hold of economical air tickets to South Africa and once you land here, be prepared to experience a country that is blessed with a warm tropical climate and offers innumerable options for adventure enthusiasts like golf safaris, game safaris, trekking, mountaineering, backpacking and day hiking. So, whether you are on a romantic getaway or a vacation with family, South Africa is the place to be. Beaches, vineyards, wildlife sanctuaries and heritage sites, South Africa offers the best everything. However, don’t forget to carry miniature souvenirs of the ‘Kopanya’ which will serve as the perfect gift for your loved ones back home.

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