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Virtual Offices – A Mail Forwarding Solution For Travelers

If you don’t operate a business, a virtual office may not be a service that you’ve looked into, but if you’re about to embark on a lengthy international trip or a camping and driving adventure across the US or even outback Australia, the chances are you’ve discovered a slight problem – mail forwarding! Don’t panic – a virtual office can help you with mail forwarding when others can’t!

Let’s see – you asked the post office folks but they couldn’t help you. You thought about using the address of a friend or relative and having them forward the mail to wherever you are at the time…but there could be a few hiccups with that:

They might forget to do it and cause you to miss an important deadline or bill payment
They’re likely to get sick of doing it, and do it less often or not at all;
You don’t really want them seeing who you receive mail from, knowing just how many credit cards you have, or discovering those odd publications you subscribe to
They might open your bank statement accidentally and find out how much money – or how little – you have in there!

Another problem you can have when you’re planning a lengthy trip is that some organizations – like banks – are a little uncomfortable with the idea that they may not be able to get hold of you by telephone or find out where you are! Some of your relatives might have a similar concern.

How can a virtual office from VH International Business Solutions help? Starting from around $30 a month we can provide you with a stable physical address for your mail and a local phone number. Telephone messages can be forwarded to you and if you’ve given us an up-to-date address, we can forward your mail to you by high priority service so you receive it before you move on. As an added bonus, should you need errands done that you can’t manage from your location our virtual office staff may be able to help you.

Virtual offices from VH International Business Solutions are a great mail forwarding solution for travelers!

About the Author:
VH International Business Solutions, Inc. Since 1990. Offering unbeatable service to individuals, small and mid sized local companies; as well as larger domestic and international firms seeking to establish a presence in the U.S., and particularly in the New York market. As the pioneer of offering Virtual Office services online in New York City, we are the leader and have the most expertise of working with local and global businesses when entering the New York marketplace. While others emphasize services, we emphasize service. Manhattan Virtual Office How can VH International Business Solutions help you? Tel: 1.212.627.8900 Fax: 1.646.861.6610 Since 1990.
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  2. Excellent. Thanks so much for the post. -Kate

  3. Jake Cooper says:

    Interesting idea. Maybe someday I’ll be able to afford that lengthy trip.

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