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How To Avoid Jet Lag

In this article I would like to talk about several tips, tricks, and tactics that just about anybody can use to avoid jet lag when taking trips and flying by airplane.

Nobody really ever has jet lag problems after taking just a short flight on an airplane but anybody who has flown across several different time zones knows just what a problem it can be! Luckily there are certain things that you can do to help alleviate the symptoms of jet lag so that you can get on with your trip.

First of all, just what the heck is jet lag? Basically it is caused by the sudden disruption of your body’s internal clock or system. The trick to minimizing jet lag is to start shifting over to your new time zone in advance of your departure, that is, before you even leave. Here’s an example…

Let’s suppose that you are traveling across six time zones. A good way to prepare is to start six or seven days before your trip. What you do is get yourself another watch and set that watch to the time zone in which you will be traveling. During those six or seven days slowly start to change your habits towards that new time zone. That means going to bed when you would go to bed at the new time zone, not at your current bedtime.

I know this may seem like an extreme thing to do but if you’re going on a long vacation and you don’t want it disrupted, this may be only way to do it. Besides going to bed at different times, you should also begin to take your meals at different times as well, also according to the time zone in which should be traveling.

The trick is to keep your mealtimes consisting using your new time zone times because if you vary your meals you can throw your digestive system off and you can actually even create a worse jet lag than you would have had otherwise. It may seem silly but it’s true.

If you’ve followed this plan to the letter, then as soon as you take off, your body clock should be in sync with your new time zone. The trick is to keep up with the new meal cycle and sleep cycle even while on the airplane which may be a little more difficult because they’ll serve meals at different times so you have to be careful.

This plan will give you very good head start on jet lag but it’s not foolproof and as soon as you land you may feel an urge to take a nap but resist that urge if at all possible!

So there you have several tips, tricks, and techniques that you can use to help your body avoid jet lag so that you can enjoy your trip completely and not waste a single day of your vacation in bed!

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J.P. Morton runs a double curtain rods web site where he also reviews the best bay window curtain rods for your home. He has been an article writer online for well over 10 years and also enjoys rock climbing and white water rafting.
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