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Top Reasons To Visit Tuscany

Most of us who are bitten by the travel bug often like to discover places that aren’t often frequented by most of the people around the world. In fact, it is like getting a true high when you stumble upon some place that is untouched by human civilization and is a true piece of heaven on earth. In Tuscany, you will find yourself coming across such places quite frequently, and being at a sheer loss of words when you do see these places. You might want to pinch yourself in disbelief, but the place is actually that beautiful.
Situated in the gifted country of Italy, Tuscany is an area that finds itself an easy spot in the hearts of many travelers. Its beautiful landscapes are unlike any other, and any person who visits the area will instantly fall in love with it. The beauty of nature can be overwhelming, but look beyond that, and you will still like what you might discover. The locals of this area are a joy to be around, and they love to talk about their rich culture and heritage to anyone who is willing to listen to them. In fact, you might get lucky and experience local food at one of the small towns. Savor this moment, as you will want to remember it forever!
The rich food and wine might be one of the best reasons to visit Tuscany, but that is not all. After a while, you might feel homesick and want to be around people who are from your area. This might be an ideal time to head down to Florence and Pisa, as this area is rich in expats who love to travel, but loved Tuscany more than traveling. These two cities are packed with tourists, but not that crowded at the same time. In fact, you can just walk down the streets of these cities and take in all the beauty that it has to offer.
Tuscany is best seen by train. Although expensive to travel around the area, it is definitely worth the money as you get to experience things that people often find it so hard to describe in their books and memoirs. There is a lot of history in this region to get involved with, and you might find yourself stuck amidst all of it and losing track of time. Hence, do make sure that you keep your calendar free when you are visiting Tuscany, as you might never know when you might be getting back!

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