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Travel Happy By Packing Light

Starrt by spreading your stuff and scrutinizing each pieces if it is a necessity to bring them with you or not.  It might be practical at times to buy cheap stuff in your destination and give them away before leaving, rather than bringing the whole closet with you.  The key here is to think of the things you can live without – not what might be useful for your vacation.  In your luggage, use the pockets for make-up kit or toiletries to leave extra 1/3 space for souvenirs or food snacks.

In packing clothes, consider dark colors that needs no ironing, or will look good even when wrinkled.  Roll your clothes instead of folding each to accumulate all the space in your bag, this also minimizes the chances of getting your well ironed cloth wrinkled.  It would be helpful to make a small research to your destination place if there are enforced clothing to avoid problems when you get there.  Packing less clothes means shopping more during your vacation. 🙂

What-to-Pack suggestions:

6 shirts – a combination of long and short sleeves

2 pair of pants and shorts

swimwear for women

1 semi formal/formal attire

10 underwear, 5 pair of socks

1 pair of coolshoes

Tie or a scarf

Documents (scan them also and save in CD and USB)

Small purse or bag

Zip lock bags, tissue paper, wet ones, sewing kit, extra eye glasses or contact lens, toothbrush and tooth paste, small soap, medicines and a small towel (you can buy the needed stuff in your destination place or can be provided by hotels)

Netbook and cellphone

Happy Trip!

Nina Roxanne is a traveler that blogs during her trip abroad.  Now currently staying in one of the hotels in Tel Aviv, known as the city that never stops.
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