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Save A Least 75% On Travel Now!

Did you know that most people who use travel booking agents to secure there next holiday are getting severely ripped off.
And the system they use could be used by you with no problems at all.
Now most people who use travel booking agents for there flights and accommodation are not aware that there price includes a markup of a least 15 to 30% on there already high cost of travel.And the agent will also suggest that you use there airline and accommodation because they receive kickbacks.
Now most people {especially older people}do not have the confidence to go ahead and find these deals themselves or did not know they could.
Here is a recent example:Friend of mine had just been quoted a trip to Bali,Indonesia for 4 nights with all flights,transfers and accommodation with breakfast staying in a 3 star hotel for $1100.00 US per person.
They really wanted to bring the kids but could not afford it.
In around 5 minutes I had just found them a deal where they get 6 nights accommodation in a five star hotel with breakfast all flights and transfers for $720 US WITH NO MORE TO SPEND.
They were over the moon,now they could bring the kids and have money left over for there next holiday.
I just used the same system the Agents used and it cost them nothing.
Needless to say they will be using this same system next holiday destination.
Please don`t ever book again thou these greedy agents when you can save yourself time and serious cash yourself.

My knowledge was developed by using some simple tools gained here
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