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Great Money Saving Tips For Your Holiday In Italy

Holidaying in Italy can be expensive but here are three ways to make big savings without compromising on quality, your comfort or enjoyment.

1) A large part of your vacation expenditure will be taken up by accommodation. Hotels and Bed and Breakfasts can be expensive in Italy and self catering accommodation of a similar quality will typically cost you around 25% less. An increasingly popular alternative to Hotels and B&Bs is to rent an apartment for the duration of your stay. The money saved with apartment rental can be even higher for groups of more than two. Compare the price of renting a 2 bedroom apartment suitable for 4 people to paying for 2 double bedrooms in a hotel and you could easily save up to 50% off the total bill. This makes renting an apartment particularly cost effective for family holidays.

2) In Italy, like everywhere else, prices tend to be much higher in tourist congested areas.
Public transport, on the other hand, is relatively cheap when compared to other developed countries so staying in well-connected areas with good transport links can save you substantial amounts on all kinds of services from simply having a coffee or ice cream at a bar to eating out or lodging.The picturesque and historic town of Tarquina in northern Lazio for example, is set in beautiful green countryside while also very well connected by road and rail making it perfect as a rural retreat. The regular train service to Rome takes just 1
hour and the ticket price is a genuine bargain at 6.20€ each way.  

3) For people who are new to Italy the difference between various types of eating establishments may not be immediately obvious. A trattoria is a traditional Italian place to go and eat out which tends to be less formal than a ristorante. In a trattoria the service may come with fewer frills but the food quality is just as good as and often better than a restaurant, this is especially true in the traditional family run trattoria. Just look to where native Italians go to eat out if you need a well informed judge.  Apart from lower prices the food portions are often more plentiful in a trattoria so they are great value for a family who has worked up a big appetite after a long day of sightseeing.   

In summary, Italy’s abundance of attractions makes it a very popular tourist destination.As a result of this popularity it can also be expensive. However the good news is that for a great vacation in Italy you don’t need to sacrifice any of the sights, itineraries or your comfort. A little preparation and spending wisely will help you stay within your budget while having a great holiday.

Finbar Fitzgerald has been living in Italy for over 10 years.  To escape  the noise and confusion of Rome from time to time he and his family like to get away to the beautiful countryside of north Lazio. To read more on the area see For holiday accommodation in the area see
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