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Top Tips For Airport Parking

Here are a few tips to consider when you are looking to book Airport Parking.  There are now so many options available, from on-site to off-site car parks, meet and great services and airport hotels with parking, that it is no longer simply a case of picking the cheapest. All the different services will provide the greatest value depending on the circumstances of your flight times and where you are travelling to.

This is by no means a comprehensive list and merely reflects my experiences while looking for Manchester Airport Parking so please feel free to comment and share any tips you might have.

If you’re a member of an auto club make sure you enquire about membership benefits, some booking agents will have deals with the RAC or the AA and offer up to 25% off the online price.
Take advantage of discount voucher sites such as My Voucher Codes who regularly carry vouchers for most of the big agents, which can be used at any airport around the country, as well as local companies such as Manchester Airport Parking supplier
Check to see if the company you are looking to book with has a Twitter or Facebook account, such as these are often used to promote special offers and vouchers as well as supply information about the airport.
If you have an early morning flight, great deals can be found at a number of hotels close to airports. They will often offer a room, parking and transfers (usually up to 14 days) for around £50. This ensures you also get a decent sleep the night before and cuts any risk of being far too early for the flight (or more critically too late)
When using one of the off – site car parks be sure to study the distance from the terminal and the regularity of the transfers. The one that appears the least expensive on price may very well be unsuitable, always have in the back of your mind the time that you will be returning, as for the sake of a few pounds it’s not always worth having to wait in the middle of the night for a bus to drive you 15 miles back to car in the middle of no-where.
If you don’t want to use one of the many off – site car parks, make sure you don’t just turn up to use one of the on – site airport facilities. These are often booked up and can cost a great deal more than booking in advance, sometimes up to 70%, and seeing as these car parks are usually the most expensive, they can sometimes end up being more costly than your flight.
When using a meet and greet service, always enquire as to where they will be parking your car, some companies have been known to store it 30 miles away and demand you supply the petrol to take it there and back.
Keep in mind how much luggage you will be carrying. If you are going skiing and will have to carry our luggage, skis and boots, it might be more beneficial to have a site closer to the terminals.

Saying all of this though, if you can, the best idea is still to get one of your friends to drive you, with the promise of a pint when they’ve picked you up too.

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