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Kuala Lumpur Travel – 10 Essential Tips To Maximize Your Time And Money

Kuala Lumpur (or KL for short) is an incredibly fascinating and diverse Asian city. However, without proper planning, your visit could be hampered by poor choices such as selecting the wrong hotels or tours. Knowing a few things can go a long way towards making your stay in KL pleasant and enjoyable.

Here are ten essential tips for planning your vacation to Kuala Lumpur.

Plan your holiday early. Planning your trip at least 3 months in advance will give you ample time to prepare and search for the best deals and rates.
When to travel? Try to travel during the low season. During the low season, most hotels in Kuala Lumpur will offer special discounts or room rates. You will also find it easier to move around the city or outside Kuala Lumpur because there will be fewer local tourists around.
Book flights early. Low cost carriers and a few premier airlines will offer cheaper flight tickets if you make your bookings earlier.
Book rooms online. Most hotels in Kuala Lumpur offer discounts if you make your room bookings online, especially if you do so through their online agents. Due to intense online competition, some agents are willing to lower their prices as long as they can increase their sales volume.
Mode of transportation. An important factor that could affect your travel experience is the mode of transportation that you choose. Using public transportation such as buses or taxis will require a longer time to reach your destination. You will also need to take the weather into consideration as Kuala Lumpur is typically very hot and humid—with rain sometimes in the evening. In addition, some taxi drivers can be very choosy about the destination they are willing to drive to, and can be reluctant to use the meter (especially during peak hours). Hiring a knowledgeable private tour guide will shorten your travel time and ensure the smoothest and most comfortable journey possible. With a private tour guide, more time can be spent enjoying your favorite destinations in Kuala Lumpur, giving you the best value for your time and money.
Accommodation. Your hotel and room choices will depend on your budget and preferred location. Most hotels located in the Kuala Lumpur city center are much more expensive compared to those located slightly away from the city. If you plan to spend most of your day touring, a reputable budget hotel with clean rooms and a safe will be a good option.
Hidden costs. Get clarification from your hotel and tour agent about any other charges applicable to you, such as government taxes, service charges, Internet connection fees and entrance fees (most hotels in Kuala Lumpur charge fees for Internet access). You can also check with your hotel if their service employees expect tips or gratuities.
Duration of stay. Longer stays will allow you to visit more places, but will also cost more. If you have five days or more to spend, you could take a few days to tour Kuala Lumpur, followed by a two or three-day tour to areas outside Kuala Lumpur such as Cameron Highlands. Outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, you can unwind and treat yourself to relaxing massages, great local food and shopping excursions.
Currency exchange. It’s a good idea to exchange only a small amount of Malaysian currency in your home country before arriving. This is because you can get better exchange rates in many places once you are in Malaysia.
Complimentary services. Ask your tour operator or hotel if they offer any complimentary services such as shuttle services from the hotel to the main city, luggage storage or safety deposit boxes.

With proper planning and some smart strategies, you can save a few hundred dollars while ensuring a fun and memorable trip to Kuala Lumpur

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