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Cape Town – Table Mountain Is Not So Far!

After mundane office work for months, a week-long vacation to the sylvan nature is everyone’s dream. But it involves money as well as planning. Holiday plans are every traveller’s desire, however, they do not seem to work accurately without a proper or budget plan. This is important because an ideal holiday destination accomplishes your requirements of both pleasure and comfort at the cost of a very much affordable budget. So you want to have fun, adventure, sightseeing and lots more in a scenic location far from the maddening crowd. What could be a better place than South Africa for your ideal family vacation?

Your visit to Table Mountain, one of the most wonderful natural habitats in South Africa, will provide you with an amazing view of the city of Cape Town and its beautiful beaches. Standing along the Atlantic Coast, Table Mountain can be reached by cableway. You can also opt for hiking and explore the mountain range with friends. Once you reach at the top of Table Mountain, you are offered with a choice of walks to explore its flora and fauna. Famous for its extraordinary floral biodiversity, Table Mountain is home to over 1500 species of plants and indigenous birds.

Now coming down to the city, Cape Town welcomes you with a diverse range of attractions. Be it exotic delicacies, cultural diversity, shopping bonanza or an energetic city ride, Cape Town has something for everyone. As summer is approaching, it is a wonderful idea to explore the sun-soaked beaches of the country. But nature lovers will still want to explore the breathtaking winelands, a unique experience for South African tourists. The most beautiful South African winelands are situated in and around Cape Town. With towering mountains as their backdrop, the winelands offer tourists spectacular scenery, historical tours, a wide range of outdoor activities. And don’t forget the best part, dine in its restaurants with elegant wine service.

Your South African trip is almost incomplete without its signature wildlife safaris. Nature reserves are abundant across the country. To the Eastern Cape, there is the Great Fish River Nature Reserve offering you wonderful picnic ideas in the wilderness. Home to a great variety of wildlife species and particularly known for its kudus, the reserve offers outstanding safari and wildlife adventures. Its semi-arid bushed vegetation sustains large populations of plains game including a wide variety of antelopes indigenous to South Africa. To the Western Coast of Cape Town, lies the Bird Island Nature Reserve housing a massive breeding colony of Cape gannets attracting thousands of tourists every year. Make sure you are one of them this summer.

Experienced travel writer and editor, Sam Walker has been working with in the field of travel and tourism for 8 years He is consultant and expert advises on air ticket to Cape Town and writing various tips and advices on holidays and travel industry.
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