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Going On Vacation? 5 Simple Ways To Fit More Into Your Suitcase

It is definitely a dilemma and common source of frustration when you can’t fit everything in!  After all you have saved hard for your summer vacation and want the freedom of taking what you want.

There is nothing worse than not having everything you want with you, when you are away. Here are 5 easy ways you can fit more into your suitcase today…

1.    Fill any gaps. The aim is to fill any crevice or gap with something else. For example you can stuff shoes or heels with socks or underwear. Make sure you put these small items in plastic bags so any dirt on your shoes doesn’t rub off onto these small items of clothing.

2.    Suck the air out. If you have never vacuum-packed bags of clothes before you are in for a treat. Squeezing every bit of air out really makes a huge difference to the amount of items you can pack.  You’ll be amazed at the extra room you have. Organize all your t-shirts in one bag, all your shorts in one bag – so you know where everything is when you unpack at the other end.

3.    Roll your clothes. If you are not able to vacuum pack your clothes, roll them instead. This saves space and ensures they don’t wrinkle. You can roll multiple items of the same type of clothing together. Roll six t-shirts together or 3 pairs of shorts.

4.    Avoid packing breakables.  Pack anything that may possibly break into your hand luggage, as it is not worth the risk of taking it in your main luggage. In your hand luggage it is less likely to break as you can have it with you at all times.

5.    Use luggage straps. To make bulky items smaller use luggage straps to tighten them down. This is especially useful for bulky jumpers, your favourite pillow or sleeping bags. Roll these items first and then depending how bulky the item is; use two or three luggage straps to squeeze them down as small as they can go.

These 5 tips will ensure you have a great vacation with everything you want to take coming with you! Ask your friends for their favourite tips on how you can save space in your suitcase. You may be pleasantly surprised by what they tell you. Pass on some tips to them as well in return for their ideas. Have a relaxing time away.

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