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Emergency Preparedness Kit For Your Car

Driving a vehicle can be a very pleasant experience, but we have to keep in mind that safety should always be our top priority. As a driver, you hope that there won’t be any car accidents, traffic jams, terrible weather, or accidents in the car from kids or other unruly passengers. Living in Austin, TX, most of us know how the weather can take a turn for the worse. During the winter months, we have to be cautious of ice storms, freezing, and heavy rain when we are lucky. Unfortunately, inclement weather can make the roads hazardous. If you live in the hill country you have to be on the lookout for deer on the roads in the spring which can cause some very serious accidents. If something were to go wrong, you should be prepared for any situation with an emergency preparedness kit for your car.

If you are a parent driver, you know that kids can get cuts or scrapes from playing around in the car. It is always handy to have plenty of band aids available. There are other necessities that you will need for your car kit, including fluids for your car in case there is a break down. Here are some tips and materials to use when making an emergency preparedness car kit.

If nothing else, you should always make sure your vehicle is properly maintained. In the event of a breakdown, you can do some trouble shooting to see what the problem is. A lot of times the vehicle is out or low of proper fluids. Your car kit should include motor oil, a gallon of water, antifreeze, windshield wiper fluid, power-steering, and brake fluid. If you have the space in your kit or somewhere else, include a funnel so that pouring liquids in will be easier. It’s also a good idea to keep a few old rags to clean up with.

Once you have fluids for your car, you can work on materials for your car kit in case someone in the vehicle is hurt from an accident or other mishap. A standard first aid kit should include band aids, gauze, bandages, something for sterilization like alcohol wipes, scissors, instant cold pack, adhesive tape, gloves, and pain relievers. If you have medication that you need daily, such as insulin or an inhaler, you should include them in your kit as well.

Other items that will come in handy in case you are stranded or lost should be considered as well. When ice storms hit in Austin, some cars can get stranded over night on the road. This happened to a lot of people commuting out of Austin on their way home from work. Your emergency kit should include blankets, flash lights, batteries, energy or protein bars, toilet paper, jumper cables, road flares, and a battery powered or solar powered radio. These items are especially important if you are going on a long road trip, camping trip, or a day of off-roading.

You should always be prepared for any situation that might arise while you are in your car and on the road. It is better to be safe than sorry. You can encounter bad weather, a break down, or a car accident whether you are in Austin used cars or new cars, and you should always be prepared. Being prepared is your key to safety while on the road.

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