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Save Money While Traveling

As soon as you are done consuming all your valuable time looking and booking for a cheap hotel, you now need to plan the total amount you will be spending for the entire trip. Some of the most common but huge mistakes that travelers usually encounter but still left unnoticed is on those little extras. So here are a few but simple tips to note when traveling. I’m pretty sure this would help much in dramatically lessen your expenses:

1. We all are aware how insanely pricey those ordinary products in the hotels can be. However, bringing your own snacks and drinks would help a lot to save those extra cash. Most of the cheap hotels have refrigerators you can use to store your food. Take advantage of this. But if you are unfortunate enough not to have a refrigerator, then you can just buy a disposable cooler. This is one of the best-proven ways to save money.

2. Some cheap hotels offer pay-per-view. Sadly, each pay-per-view would normally cost way more than a regular movie ticket would. So if you have a laptop or a portable DVD that you can bring with you, go ahead and watch your own movie. Otherwise, you can just bare with the usual TV shows. After all, you did not take an off from work to watch a movie in your room, you are for sight seeing.

3. Ask the hotel management if they have free breakfast or other meal if you feel like they don’t. Inquire at the front desk about it since not all hotels advertise it. It never hurts to ask but getting a free meal will make you smile.

4. Credit card might be undeniably easy to use for cash deposit but this might as well provide some unexpected extra fees so opting for cash is advised. With this, you will be sure nothing else will be charged to you other than the amount you expected. T his is one of the fail-proof advise ever.

5. Watch out for phone charges! Local locals might be free in most hotels but make sure to check the hotel’s policy. You can just your cell phone instead which might be far more cheaper. The last thing you would want to receive is an extra charge for the telephone usage.

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